Welcome to the library

This page provides you with an overview of the most important aspects of library use for beginning students. In addition, you will find detailed information under Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to contact us!

In our flyers you will find special information for employees (only in german language) of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences as well as interested persons (only in german language) outside the university. You can also download the information for students as a flyer (only in german language).

Our online-tutorial offers a compact introduction to literature research and the services offered by the library (please set highest resolution 1080p or more).

An introduction to our search engine scinos can be found in our scinos-tutorial (only in german language).

The DBIS tutorial provides an overview of our databases and an introduction to our database information system (DBIS).

You can also get to know the premises of our campus libraries at Westerberg, Haste and Lingen via virtual library tours (only in german language).

CampusCard = library card

Students of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences will automatically be activated for library use after enrollment and mailing of the CampusCard. The CampusCard is therefore also your library card.

The authorization to use the library can be extended at one of our service counters.

Library account

In your library account, you will find a listing of your borrowed or reserved titles, as well as information on any charges incurred. You can access it through our website at My library account.

We have compiles the most important information about the libryry account in our online-tutorial (only in german language).


Login information:

       Number  = ID card number (see below)

       Password = your date of birth 6 digits (DDMMYY)

Lending + Returning Media

You are welcome to use the self-service check-out counters to borrow media. Items can be returned in the Haste and Lingen campus libraries via the self-checkout machines, return flaps or return boxes. A return machine is available at the Westerberg.

Please note that sheet music can only be borrowed or returned at the service counters.



Loan periods

The loan period for printed media is usually 28 days and can be extended in your library account up to 12 times for another 4 weeks each time. The new loan period is always calculated from the day of the extension and not from the end of the old loan period. Books that have already been reserved or reminded 3 times cannot be renewed. Electronic media (e.g. e-books) do not have a loan period.



Literature research

You can research literature using our online-catalog and our search engine scinos.

Printed literature can be found on our shelves sorted alphabetically by shelfmark. The shelfmark consists of a letter-number combination and is located on a label (e.g. on the spine of the book).


You can see the availibility of the title you want in the online-catalog or scinos.



Current journal issues can be found alphabetically by title in journal racks; complete volumes on the shelf.


Literature procurement

If you need a title that is missing from our collection, simply make an acquisition suggestion! As a member of the university, you are also welcome to use our internal delivery service, to order literature from other library locations of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences free of charge.

If we are unable to obtain a title, you can order it worldwide from another library via interlibrary loan or subito.

Using electronic resources at home - VPN + Shibboleth

With the VPN service, you can log in from any computer with your university ID. You are then virtually on campus and can use many services provided by the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

This also gives you access to numerous electronic, licensed products of the library (e.g. databases, electronic journals and e-books). You can find more information about the VPN service on the website of the university's ServiceDesk. You can also learn more about the faculty virtual desktops there.

For some e-book publishers it is necessary to log in via  Shibboleth instead of via VPN from off campus. The login and access via Shibboleth is valid for all e-books from the UTB publishing house and all e-books from other publishers that are also accessible via the UTB platform. These include: transcript, facultas, Ernst Reinhardt Verlag, Herbert von Halem Verlag. Access and instructions can be found at utb elibrary.



The E-Mail-Service reminds you of expiring loan periods of your borrowed media and notifies you when reserved media are available. Students of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences are automatically registered for the e-mail service with their university e-mail address (usually vorname.nachname@hs-osnabrueck.de).



By entering the library or using our services, you accept the usage regulations ( Benutzungsordnung ). All fees can be found in the fee schedule (Gebührenordnung ).

We wish you success in your studies!